About us

Since 2000, the specialists of our company have been engaged in the development, and since 2004, the introduction and production of comb-lubricators for crane wheel flanges, aiming to minimize the wear of the friction pair "wheel-rail flanges", since almost every plant that uses electric bridge and gantry cranes in the production cycle, there is a problem of intensive wear of the crane wheel flanges and the side surface of the rail. This entails increased accidents, downtime, i.e. reduced operational safety, as well as significant material and labor costs.

Using these pencils to lubricate the edges of the crane wheels, we get the guaranteed required thickness of the lubricating layer, which plays the role of the "third body" separating the edge and the side surface of the rail. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the lubricating pencil, without touching each other, can contain any substances in different phases (liquid, solid, grease, revitallizants, metal-ceramic and metal-coating additives, fine powders, etc.), depending on the task.

We have protected a number of patents of the Russian Federation for inventions, obtained a "quality certificate" and a "quality mark", an act of expertise of the Ural Expert Center, which has a license from Rostechnadzor, not only allowing the use of grebnesmazyvatel, but also recommending their widespread introduction in industry.

The company regularly participates in exhibitions of lifting and transport equipment and innovative technologies.