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The system for the lubrication of the flanges and side surfaces of the lifting and transport equipment rails, developed by the specialists of the Company "Intell Ross", is today the best solution in terms of safety and reliability of operation, and consists of:

  • Devices for feeding the lubricating rod (RF patent for invention 2301168)
  • Devices for applying a lubricating coating (RF patent for invention 2298502)
Devices for feeding the lubricating rod
Devices for applying a lubricating coating
The technical advantages of the system are officially recorded and confirmed by the expert opinion of the Ural Expert Center.
The products received the quality certificate ? ????.???.017.0917 voluntary certification, indicating that the devices and rods for lubricating the crane wheels flanges can increase the service life of crane wheels up to 32 times.
In 2017, we received a Certificate of Product Certification.
Technical regulations for the devices for feeding the lubricating element.
In 2019, the company's management was trained in the course Theory of the Resolution of Invention-Related Tasks. The project "Solving the problem of increasing the service life of rails in curves and switches" with the use of Theory of the Resolution of Invention-Related Tasks tools was defended.
In 2019, a special assessment of working conditions was carried out.

Patent for a self-locking mechanism for fixing a strip of material


The utility model relates to the field of processing strip materials, in particular to the processing of metals by pressure, as well as to machines for rolling strips, namely, spools for winding strips of material.

The technical solution eliminates all the disadvantages available in analogues and, in addition, is cheap and easy to manufacture and use. Moreover, the self-locking mechanism for fixing the strip of material is rational to use on already working mills, changing only the design of the spool, which is possible in most cases.

When using this technology, due to the design features of the spool, a characteristic defect is formed - transverse pressure. This defect occurs due to the impact of the band clamping mechanism installed in the spool, which creates irregularities on the spool - dimples or cavities.


Technical results achieved when using the claimed utility model:

- reducing the number of defective metal strips;
- improving the reliability of fixing the end of the strip;
- increasing wear resistance;
- improving reliability;
- improving serviceability.

Tests have shown that the spools (drums), according to the claimed solution, allow you to get the metal with the least amount of defect - transverse pressure. The height of the transverse boost when using the claimed solution decreased by about 10 times compared to the spool of the first type.

Patent for a physiotherapeutical facility


A physiotherapy device that stretches the thoracic and lumbar spine.

The main function of the device is the extension of the thoracic and lumbar spine. It is assumed that the device performs its functions under the following conditions:

1. it is possible to adjust the traction force from 5% to 75% of the person's weight
2. the traction is carried out evenly for at least 5-6 hours. The main effect is carried out due to the stretching force, which is transmitted through the movable layer (sheet) on which the person lies, and is made by using a mechanical drive. The output reaction in this case is the implementation of the specified parameters of the traction. In addition, an indirect result of the device performing its functions is a recorded change in human growth before and after exposure.

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