Projects with our team members involved

  • 1. A method for restoring the working functions of heat-resistant disks of bell furnaces of the high-temperature annealing section;
  • 2. The thermal regime of the furnace of the high-temperature annealing unit improvement;
  • 3. Sealing of bearing units of rollers of brush-washing machines of lines of units of recrystallization annealing;
  • 4. Modernization of non-load-bearing structural equipment elements;
  • 5. Restoration of the shafts of the main drives of the mill with balancing;
  • 6. Improving the filtration quality of process grease on 20-roller reverse mills;
  • 7. Changing the design of suspensions for moving the first intermediate rolls of twenty-roll reversing mills;
  • 8. Development of a system for collecting and regenerating process lubricant vapors in the exhaust ventilation of the mill;
  • 9. Hydraulic cavitation method for non-selective washing of plate heat exchangers of the emulsion cooling system of the 4-stand mill;
  • 10. Change in the technology of cleaning the emulsion of the 4-stand mill;
  • 11. Development of a quick-release emulsion collector for a 4-stand mill and many others…


We always take into account the needs of our partners and are ready to work on new projects to expand our business opportunities. We guarantee support related to the issues of calculating economic efficiency and organizing the implementation of technical solutions.

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