Get the perfect wheel slide on the rail even in small radius curves without constantly changing the wheels and wheelset turning

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Wheel flange lubrication for wheel set (WFL WS) is a mechanical construction that provides a compression of a solid lubricating element with a relatively constant force, regulated by springs of bigger or lesser rigidity to the flange. The design of the wheel flange lubrication ensures the absence of metal moving parts (pusher) contact during the wear of the solid lubricating element due to the movement limiter of the pusher located at the end of the cable. It is also possible to monitor the wear of the lubricating element along the length of the loose part of the cable. Functional testing of the wheel flange lubrication is carried out when the spring-loaded pusher is mechanically moved outbound from the wheel flange lubrication.

Device for feeding the WFL WS element
(TR 28.99.39-002-82097615-2018):

  • WFL WS is used on shunting and mainline locomotives;
  • Excellent adhesion of the lubricant to the metal gives high service properties, in contrast to liquid and plastic lubricants;
  • The composition of the lubricant allows you to fill the scuffings and holes to the tops on the surface;
  • It allows you to significantly reduce the noise and vibration level with the same characteristics of speed and intensity of movement of all categories of trains;
  • The solid-plastic lubricant coating is resistant to atmospheric precipitates and is not subject to the adhesion of dirt and abrasive particles;
  • The use of wheel flange lubricants allows you to extend the service life of wheel sets and rails by at least 3 times;
  • It provides an opportunity to effectively influence the amount of consumed fuel and energy resources, to increase the service life of wheels and rails, to create conditions for the safe movement of trains in curved sections of the track and to reduce the level of noise impact on the environment.

Lubricating elements for WFL WS