During our work, we have delivered more than 10 thousand lubrication systems. No single claim on quality for 10 years of work!

Test reports, conclusions

This patented solution is used by many enterprises of the Ural region: metallurgical plant "VIZ-Steel" , "VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation", Nizhne-Serginsky metallurgical complex, "KAMKABEL", "NLMK", "Serov Metallurgical Plant named after A. K. Serov", "Chusovoy Metallurgical Works", KUMZ, etc.

On the basis of the already available practical data of testing and operation of “Intell Ross" LLC lubrication systems, it is recommended their use for all types of lifting and transport rail equipment, as a lubricant for wheel flanges with any service life of the flanges (if the thickness of the flanges meets the operating standards), for the side surfaces of the rails, as well as for wheels with fused rims.

In the cold rolling department of "VIZ–Steel" LLC in Yekaterinburg, there are 61 electric bridge cranes, of which 32 cranes operate on the technology in heavy mode. In 2005, a wheel flange lubricants equipment for cold reduction department 32 cranes was adopted. As a result of the implementation of the program, on average, the wear rate of the wheel rims decreased 100 times in two years from 1.3 mm to 0.013 mm of a flange per month. Accordingly, the wear of crane rails has decreased. Wheel flange lubricants service with replacement of greasing pencils on 32 cranes of the cold reduction department, taking into account the operating conditions, is carried out by 2 people.


ТОО «КТЖ — Грузовые перевозки»

Акт по результатам применения УПСЭ и ТСЭ на ТЭ33 за 2021г.

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Акт по результатам применения УПСЭ и ТСЭ на ТЭМ2 за 2021-22г.

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АО "Шубарколь Комир"

Акт по результатам применения УПСЭ и ТСЭ на 2ТЭ25КМ за 2021-22г.

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"Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant"
АО "Первоуральский Новотрубный завод"
"Omutninsky Metallurgical Plant"
"Chusovoy Metallurgical Works"
"VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation”

Acts on the results of testing of CW-1 lubricating rods:
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"Nizhneserginsky Hardware and Metallurgical Plant"
"Ural Plant of Rubber Technical Products"
"Seversky Pipe Plant"

Report on inspection of the running wheels of the lifting crane reg. no. 49682 tube rolling shop No. 1

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Certificate of inspection of the running wheels of the lifting crane reg. no. 48454 electric-furnace melting shop


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